Phlebotomy (Blood Test) Service

The Phlebotomist (a specialist who takes blood from patients for examination in laboratories) is available at:

Location Times
 The Surgery  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (at different times)
 Bedford Road Clinic  Tuesday (all day)
 Lister Hospital  Monday to Friday (08.00 – 17.30)
 Saturday (08.45 – 12.45)

All appointments for blood tests taken at both the Surgery and at Bedford Road are booked through the surgery number –  01462 453232 (Option 1).

If you prefer to visit Lister Hospital for your blood test, please collect the Blood Form from the surgery prior to your visit.

The healthcare professional who arranges your blood test will tell you whether there are any specific instructions you need to follow before your test.

For example, depending on the type of blood test, you may be asked to:

  1. avoid eating or drinking anything, apart from water (fasting) for up to 12 hours
  2. stop taking a certain medication]

It’s important to follow the instructions you’re given, as it may affect the result of the test and mean it needs to be delayed or carried out again.